Radiant Circuits for Joy

What are the Radiant Circuits?

Radiant Circuits, also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine by various other names such as the Strange Flows, the 8 Extraordinary Vessels/Meridians, or the Collector Meridians are a series of energetic flows in the human body.

Founder of Eden Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, refers to them as Radiant Circuits because of their ability to create an instant circuit to distribute energy throughout the entire body. They can also be considered reservoirs of energy, ready to go where and when they are needed.

They are the energetic circuits that bring joy, vitality and excitement to our being. They are the primary energies of falling in love. They are that moment of exhilaration when you have pushed yourself to achieve something, whether that is academic, physical or other, and they represent the states of hope and gratitude.

The heart symbol is powerful and healing for our energetic body

How do Radiant Circuits Work?

Unlike Meridians that flow in a specific pattern, Radiant Circuits flow in a manner that responds to the body’s needs and thoughts; having the ability to move, jump, or hyperlink to wherever in the body they are needed most. They also help us to connect to universal energies, while also triggering our intuition and psychic knowledge.

Why Work your Radiant Circuits?

Working your Radiant Circuits may help to overcome patterns of self-sabotage and negative thinking. When these states are active, we have a case of Triple Warmer, the energy system responsible for the fight/flight response (think the police or military/army of our body, protecting us) drawing energy from the Radiant Circuits and creating habits that may be dysfunctional. Working to “stand down” Triple Warmer’s hold on these habitual patterns of negative thinking by finding ways to increase the effectiveness of the Radiant Circuits, we are moving out of dysfunctional stressful habits and more into a state of joy.

The more we activate the Radiant Circuits, the easier it is for us to find that joy. If we don’t take the time and effort to keep our Radiant Circuits active, they can become stagnant and less able to move spontaneously when needed.

Triple Warmer is all about “should, must, please others, do a good job”.

Radiant Circuits are all about “you are important, attend to your needs, and nurture yourself.”

You can see how these two energies are opposites!

Consider working on the Radiant Circuits if:

  • Negativity is a persistent theme in your life
  • You need help to overcome resistant habits
  • If you feel caught in the past, telling the same story over and over
  • When you can’t seem to make progress
  • You can’t seem to get well
  • You have just experienced a moment of joy and you want to bring this joy deep into your body

The Radiant Circuits are a series of 8 circuits. You don’t need to know the names, or even the function of these circuits for you to be effective in activating them, however I’ve put this little bit of detail here for those who want to investigate further.

  1. Yin Regulator Circuit
  2. Yang Regulator Circuit
  3. Yin Bridge Circuit
  4. Yang Bridge Circuit
  5. Belt Flow
  6. Penetrating Flow
  7. Central/Governing (meridians that are also Radiant Circuits)
  8. Triple Warmer/Spleen (both meridians that are also Radiant Circuits)
Using our hands, we can activate our radiant circuits to bring us more joy and vitality

Bridge Circuits

  • They are the communicator energies, bridging to people, worlds, and emotions
  • They connect the sides as well as the front and the back of the body
  • They improve our communication with others
  • They heighten our intuition

The Bridge Circuits are two circuits – one on the front/inside of the body called the Yin Bridge Circuit, and one that runs on the back/outside of the body called the Yang Bridge Circuit.  By tracing them with your hands you are activating them.  These circuits love contact with the body, although you can trace them out in your field (a couple of centimetres off the body).

Yin Bridge Circuit

Yin Bridge Radiant Circuit with Prune Harris

Yang Bridge Circuit

Yang Bridge Radiant Circuit with Prune Harris

Regulator Circuits

  • They are the co-ordinator energies
  • They regulate and adjust energies on all levels through all systems of our being
  • They influence our hormones, chemistry and circulation
  • They help us adapt to internal and external changes, for example environmental change such as sunlight/fluorescent lighting
  • They establish harmonies with other people and within the environment

The Regulator Circuits are also made up of two circuits; the one on the front/inside of the body is called the Yin Regulator Circuit, and the one that runs on the back/outside of the body is called the Yang Regulator Circuit.

Yin Regulator Circuit

Yin Regulator Circuit with Prune Harris

Yang Regulator Circuit

Yang Regulator Radiant Circuit with Prune Harris

Belt Circuit

  • A band of energy that surrounds the waist, distributing the energies of the top and bottom of the body
  • Connects the top and the bottom of the body
  • Brings balance to how inspired and how grounded we feel
  • Is important to our sense of responsibility
The Belt Flow with Prune Harris

Penetrating Flow

  • Brings energy to our inner depths
  • Carries ancestral energy, and sets the strength of our energetic constitution
  • Increases our psychic abilities
  • Relates to our ability to bounce back after life’s knocks

The Penetrating Flow is all about bringing energies to your inner depths, penetrating the chakras, the muscles, the bones, the genitals and deep into the cells and central nervous system.

If you are feeling depressed or empty inside, consider working your Penetrating Flow. Connecting this flow can help bring a deep sense of purpose and meaning to your life. Also consider this simple but powerful exercise to draw the good emotional experiences deep within your body.

The Penetrating Flow with Prune Harris

Triple Warmer/Spleen

  • Spleen says “yes” to life, metabolising your food, your emotions and your life experiences. Spleen is your “inner mum” energy
  • Triple Warmer is your “take no prisoners” energy; there to protect us at all costs, often to the detriment of other energetic systems and can easily over-react to real and perceived dangers

Check out Energy Medicine here and here for many ways to balance Triple Warmer and Spleen.

Governing and Central 

  • Strengthens the aura
  • Clears confusion and doubt
  • Provides the courage to move forward in life

The Hook Up exercise is fabulous to get Governing and Central flowing.  You can find the Hook Up exercise demonstrated as part of the Daily Energy Routine  and see some alternative Hook Up exercises below.

Putting it all Together

Tracing the Radiant Circuits with Prune Harris

Prune wrote in a Facebook post (6 June 2013) of her affirmations when tracing the Radiant Circuits.

“These affirmations really connect you into the role of the Radiant Circuits as connecting you deep into yourself, the Earth, the Universe and each other.

And of course, it is this ability of the RCs that enhance your ability to manifest what you desire and need on your Soul Path.

Working with these affirmations brings the consciousness of interconnectiveness into your daily life.

So here they are. Enjoy!

Ren Mai (Central Meridian) I am cradled and protected in the womb of the world

Du Mai (Governing Meridian) I am inspired to shine brightly

Chong Mai (Penetrating Vessel), I am connected to my song of my soul, I listen deeply

Dai Mai (Belt Channel), My centre is connected to all that is above and all that is below

Yang Chiao Mai (Yang Bridge Channel), I am connected to all that has been and all who came before me

Yin Chaio Mai (Yin Bridge Channel), I am connected to all that will be and all who are yet to come

Yang Wei Mai (Yang Regulating Channel), I connect the sun, the planets, and the galaxies with the core of the Earth.

Yin Wei Mai (Yin Regulating Channel), I connect the moon and the stars with the core of the Earth.”

Tracing the Radiant Circuits with Titanya Dahlin

Certified Waldorf teacher and Energy Medicine Teacher, author and daughter of Donna Eden (founder of Eden Energy Medicine) traces the radiant circuits.

The Joyful Radiant Circuits with Titanya Dahlin


I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the amazing energy medicine practitioners for sharing their knowledge, and of course to Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, who, along with her husband, Dr David Feinstein, has brought this amazing body of knowledge to the world.

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