I Love Essential Oils

I Love Essential Oils

I love essential oils because they have become very valuable to the health and wellbeing of my family for a range of reasons including affording me peace of mind that I have a fantastic first aid kit to handle minor accidents, traumas and the like, before having to seek medical advice.

I love my doTERRA key chain for quick access to essential oils

This is a big deal when you have a teenage autistic child who can’t sit still, who may have a tantrum over something you cannot even fathom or may lash out at a crying baby because the noise hurts him. If there is anything I can do naturally to help before having to put us through the trauma of a doctor visit, then I’m all for that!

Don’t get me wrong, we do seek medical advice if warranted, but honestly, I know I have an essential oil tool kit that can handle a lot of minor mishaps, so I try them first before taking the next step.

My dōTERRA Key Chain

As essential oil lovers, we all have our favourite essential oils that we carry on us for those quick emergencies – both physical and emotional.

Here is what I carry with me in my dōTERRA key chain.  They are in no particular order.

Easy Air Clear Blend

Just applying a little under the nose helps to increase breath, for sniffles, and for anxious feelings.  You can apply a drop into the palms of your hands and rub them together then cup under your nose and breathe deeply three times, in through the nose, out through the mouth.


Frankincense is known as the “King of Oils” for the fact that it is so incredibly versatile.  It’s great for uplifting the mood, for feeling peaceful and calm.


Like Frankincense, Lavender is one of those oils that just has so many uses.  I find it especially good mixed with an uplifting oil like a citrus.  I’ve also used it for bites and to calm and soothe skin.

Ice Blue Athletic Blend

The Athletic Blend is one I have on me for muscle discomfort.  When we are anxious, we contract our muscles and I find this oil blend fantastic for soothing these discomforts.  Be warned – this powerful blend packs a punch.  Never put on your hands and then touch your face – you will immediately know about it!

Balance Grounding Blend

I cannot estimate how important grounding is for our emotional health.  I even created an area of the website dedicated to this topic.

The dōTERRA Grounding Blend has lots of yummy tree oils, and I find its earthy and woody smell very comforting.

On Guard Protective Blend

Do you like the smell of cinnamon and spice and Christmas?  The Protective Blend is like Christmas in a bottle!  These spices, along with Rosemary and other oils, make this blend warm and uplifting.  The Rosemary is great for clarity of mind, which can be useful when you are spinning out!

Another way to use this is to create a protective shield against negative energies from other people. Place a drop or two into your hands and rub them together before rubbing your body (over your clothes) to create an energetic shield.

Tea Tree

I love the smell of this oil, and I find its cleansing smell very uplifting.  It’s great for scratches.

TerraArmour Outdoor Blend

Bugs LOVE me – it’s like they seek me out to the exclusion of anyone else!  And I react and feel miserable for quite some time after being bitten.  If I get caught out towards dusk, I love knowing I have the Outdoor Blend as a shield against flying bities.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

I carry the oils undiluted and always carry FCO to dilute.  You can read more about FCO here.

Other Essential Oils I Carry Around

The key chain is a simple and easy way to carry around a range of essential oils.

dōTERRA have also created a range of already diluted roller ball options, which I find particularly convenient since they can be applied very quickly.  Here’s what I carry in my handbag and why…

ZenGest Touch

I’ve mentioned previously on the website how useful I find the ZenGest Blend.  Having this available in the Touch version for immediate application for tummy discomfort is invaluable.

Ice Blue Touch Athletic Blend

See above.  This is a blend I use a lot for muscle contraction and I love the simplicity of the already diluted version.

Essential Oils for Purefumes

Passion Touch Inspiring Blend

This blend is my “purefume” – I can’t use synthetic perfumes. I find this blend incredibly comforting and soothing.  I think it is the Jasmine essential oil that is part of the blend which is such a magnificent and precious oil.

Whisper Touch Blend for Women

This is my backup “purefume” for the days I want a change.  I used this a lot before the Inspiring Blend became available. Its musky and warming aroma is also one I find very soothing.

Real Life Examples

My son has a habit of picking at the skin on his big toe, and on a few occasions, it has become quite infected. The first time this happened we took him to the doctor, and it was an immediate “antibiotics required”. I used homeopathic remedies instead and it cleared up very quickly. At that stage essential oils hadn’t entered our lives.

Fast forward to time number 4, and this time I had my beautiful essential oils. I still used homeopathic remedies and added a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and thyme with fractionated coconut oil. This blend was applied several times per day, and it cleared up completely.

Around the same time, he also got a splinter in his hand that had become infected. The school nurse said he should be taken to a doctor to have it lanced. Now, can you imagine any child enjoying that experience at the doctors? NOT! So, I sterilized a needle, removed the gunk, then used the same blend on his hand and it cleared up with no issues. The only difficulty was that he kept picking at the healing skin!

One of my personal favourites is the dōTERRA Digestive Blend (now called ZenGest). My stomach can be a bit dodgy sometimes and rubbing this on my stomach in a clockwise motion can really help.

dōTERRA Touch Essential Oils

I love the dōTERRA Touch range – already diluted and ready to use.


This information is intended for educational purposes only. The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a medical practitioner. These suggested uses apply only to dōTERRA essential oils.

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