While most of this website is dedicated to how to lower stress through holistic measures, the flip side of this is to increase our joy.

We cannot feel stress at the same time as we feel happy – we can’t smile and frown at the same time.

So, how do we increase our level of joy?

Let’s look at ways to increase it through energy medicine, flower essences and essential oils.

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Energy Medicine for Joy here and here

Bergamot Essential Oil

Essential oils for joy

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Flower Essences for joy

Activating your Joy

Radiant Circuits can be activated by so many things. And they can be activated so instantaneously that just bringing a joyful image to mind can boost these circuits:

What images bring you joy into your life?
Images that get my joy going!
  • We see a beautiful scene (nature is a great Radiant Circuit connector, and very grounding)
  • We listen to a beautiful piece of music
  • We dance with joy
  • We create something (cooking, writing, art, gardening)
  • We sing
  • We laugh uncontrollably – that real belly laugh
  • We pray
  • We engage in positive thinking
  • We smell something we love, or bathe ourselves in a colour that makes us happy
  • We cuddle and play with our beloved pet
  • We exercise to make space in our body (stretching, yoga, walking, swimming, bouncing on a mini-trampoline)
  • We feel a moment of hope or gratitude.  Keeping a gratitude journal is an easy way to connect the Radiant Circuits. Even though you may have had a truly trying day, being grateful for the smallest of things can help shift energies to a more joyful state; the meal you ate, the hot shower you took, the roof over your head…
  • When we open to forgiveness
  • We share in a collective resonance with others – some tribal connection to humanity
  • We share a Radiant Circuit moment by witnessing someone else’s moment of joy.  Find your heroes, read their inspirational stories and share their Radiant Circuit moments.
  • We share intimate feelings with the person we love

So, ask yourself “What’s my bliss?”

When you are in that state of bliss, your Radiant Circuits are activated, bringing joy to your being.

Importantly, because the Radiant Circuits can be activated through imagination, if you can’t feel the joy, try pretending to feel it. Smile when you don’t feel like smiling. It’s a start. One step. It’s movement in the right direction, not always easy, often taking a lot of courage, but joy is our natural state of being and one we all deserve to experience.

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