Flower Essences for Joy

Flower essences for joy… let’s look at how we can use flower essences to improve our emotional health and bring more feelings of joy, bliss, gratitude and happiness into our everyday life.  Caring for someone can be emotionally taxing, and flower essences are very powerful in helping to change our emotional state.

Flower Essences for Joy!

I love to use Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) and have taken many of their courses over the years.

The individual essences can be purchased from some health food stores, or from contacting ABFE directly.

I had a beautiful experience with the Confid Essence (see below). I was feeling low and took this for the prescribed 2 weeks, morning and night. Towards the end of this period I felt “King of the world” – like the famous image of Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic movie. It was quite amazing!

Flowers and flower essences for joy

Alpine Mint Bush

  • Alpine Mint Bush is the main Carers flower essence because it helps revitalize people who are caring for others – whether that is a health care worker or a caregiver to another person.
  • It’s good for those who have to listen all day to the problems of others. Carers have a lot of responsibility to make decisions that affect the welfare of others, and this burden can be daunting. Alpine Mint Bush gives the Carer back their sense of joy and renews their sense of enthusiasm. It is also useful for mental and emotional exhaustion from having to be “the go to person” that has all the answers and must always be available.

Banksia Robur

  • We all go through cycles of energy and emotion and this essence may help for those low parts of the cycle where we feel less joy and less energy
  • It may help provide more enjoyment, enthusiasm and energy for life


  • When you feel blocked off from your feelings, consider using Bluebell. It opens the heart and promotes joy as well as unconditional love.

Five Corners

  • Five Corners is considered the self-esteem flower essence
  • If you have feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, and feel you are holding yourself inwards, as if scared to look outwards towards the world, then Five Corners will give you the confidence in yourself and help improve your self-esteem. It helps break down those self-sabotage beliefs such as “I’m not enough”.
  • It’s useful to instil courage
  • If we have low self-esteem, we may find it particularly difficult to find the joy and meaning in life
  • It is a pivotal remedy in the ABFE system because self-esteem (or lack thereof) is such a universally held belief
Five Corners with Ian White

Little Flannel Flower

  • This remedy may help to bring out the playful inner child
  • Consider this essence if you feel serious and grim. It may provide a sense of carefree spontaneous joy and playfulness.

Pink Flannel Flower

  • This flower essence is all about moving into gratitude, joy and bliss
  • If you feel dull, unhappy and need to bring lightness into your being, consider the Pink Flannel Flower essence

Sunshine Wattle

  • If you have had a particularly difficult past, sometimes it can be difficult to move past this, seeing no hope for the future. If you feel you only see a grim and difficult future, consider Sunshine Wattle. This remedy may help you gain a different, more optimistic perspective.
  • Helpful to accept the beauty and joy of the present moment, but also provide joyful expectation of a more optimistic future

Confid Essence

Contains: Boab, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Southern Cross and Sturt Desert Rose

  • If we are not confident in our own abilities and lack self-esteem to make the most of ourselves, this can make it difficult to have true personal power
  • The Confid Essence may be useful to consider helping with low self-esteem, shyness and a victim mentality. It may help to instil confidence, personal power, and thus a more positive outlook in life.


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