Energy Medicine Exercises for Grounding

Energy Medicine for Grounding

Your capacity for grounding can be supported by incorporating energy medicine exercises into your daily life.  Simple, free, and very effective, try them and see!

The Daily Energy Routine

There’s an entire section on the Daily Energy Routine, so we’ll focus specifically here on the individual exercises that support grounding.

For all exercises, be conscious of your breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth.

“Smell the roses, blow out the candle.”

Prune Harris suggests that before doing any grounding exercises, it is a good practice to get our energy system humming along by doing a series of exercises called the Eden Energy Medicine Daily Energy Routine.

The Daily Energy Routine with Prune Harris

The official Daily Energy Routine is demonstrated here (it differs a little as it has changed over the years.

Donna Eden demonstrates the Daily Energy Routine (official version)

The Three Thumps

  • Stimulates stomach, kidney and spleen meridians
  • Makes sure kidney meridian is flowing in the correct direction and stimulating the other meridians to flow correctly as well
  • Boosts energy and raises energy levels

The Daily Energy Routine: The Three Thumps – demonstrated by Carey Phillips


Prune Harris looks at the standard Eden Energy Medicine hook up and possible alternatives.

Prune Harris – Alternative Hook Ups
The Hook-Up with Dondi Dahlin

The Celtic Weave

Enhances and revives the aura and builds resiliency throughout your entire energy system.

The Celtic Weave with Prune Harris

Connecting Heaven and Earth

  • Moving stagnant energy
  • When you feel like you have picked up other people’s negative energy
  • When you are starting to feel ill

Prune suggests this exercise creates a beautiful stretch in the body, allowing space for energy to move and activating our core energetic pole.

Prune Harris – Connecting Heaven and Earth

Additional Energy Medicine Exercises for Grounding

In order to allow our body to receive these negatively charged free electrons from the earth through our feet, our feet must be open, and our energies running correctly to allow that energy to enter our body.

Grab a Spoon to Feel More Grounded

Use a stainless steel spoon, one that can stick to a magnet (which means it has enough ferrous material in it to move the energy).  Rub the spoon (curved side) on the soles of your bare feet for about 30 seconds.  This helps to line up all the cells in your feet in their correct polarity to allow energy to move through your feet in both directions.  Strangely, the iron in the stainless steel reacts to the magnetic haemoglobin in the blood to move cells into the correct electromagnetic energy alignment!

Consider rubbing the spoon all over the soles and tops of your feet, and on the inside and outsides of the heel, in a figure eight pattern. Useful if you feel:

  • Ungrounded
  • Experience head tension or dizziness
  • Don’t feel connected in your body
Prune Harris – Spooning your Feet

Massaging the Gaits

The space between the metatarsal bones on your feet, or the metacarpal bones on your hands are called the gaits.

Energy and lymphatic fluid can pool in these areas so working them through firm massage helps to open these areas, so energy and lymph can flow. Make sure you pull the energy off the fingers and toes. Your hands and feet will be better able to connect to the Earth energies. This can help to make sure the Kidney meridian energy is flowing well.

Massage Your Gaits with Dondi Dahlin

Flushing Kidney Meridian

Flushing the kidney meridian can support the flow of energy in that meridian and therefore allow for better uptake of the free electrons, is demonstrated in this video.

Flushing Kidney, Liver and Spleen Meridians with Carey Phillips
(watch for the first 1.20 minutes)

Energy must have room to move, so another way we can help with grounding, after opening the energy of our feet, is to create a stretch in our body.  Here are some exercises that can help with that.

Belt Flow

Just as energy moves up and down the body, there is a channel of energy, called the Belt Flow, which encircles the waist. If the Belt Flow is clogged, energy cannot move up and down the body freely.

  • Connecting the energies of the top and bottom of the body
  • Good for digestion
  • Balancing hormones
  • Grounding
The Belt Flow exercise demonstrated by Prune Harris

A healthy aura helps with grounding.  The following exercises work on the aura.

Swimming the Aura

  • Helps to strengthen the aura, especially if the Celtic Weave is not effective
  • For when you feel vulnerable and exposed or you are particularly sensitive to external influences such as noise, lights, EMFs or other people’s energies.
  • If you have been ill for a long time
Swimming the Aura with Prune Harris

Supporting the Tibetan Energy Rings

The Tibetan Energy Rings are a very dense structure within the aura but are also their own separate energy system.

  • They run diagonally on the main structural parts of the body
  • They help us hold our structure and ground our bones into the energy structure
  • It is difficult for the aura to hold its grounded-ness if the Tibetan Energy rings aren’t holding
  • You can work all the rings or just one or two which will help to enhance all the rings
Supporting the Tibetan Energy Rings with Prune Harris

Shallow breathing may be helped with the following exercise (as well as essential oils).

Freeing the Diaphragm

  • Good for shortness of breath, asthma, or poor digestion
  • Helps balance all the valves in the body (e.g. diaphragm, anus, Ileocecal, Houston, heart valves)
  • Helps body to absorb oxygen more readily
Freeing the Diaphragm with Prune Harris

Scissors Kick

  • Good for depression, crossing over your energies, calming stress and grounding
  • Do it on a good grounding surface like the grass.  Cross and alternate the feet.
Scissor Kick for Grounding with Titanya Dahlin

The Earth Electrics

Prune Harris explains the process of physically connecting to the Earth through an exercise she calls The Earth Electrics.

Being in Nature

Being in nature helps to ground us – as long as we are aware of our surroundings and present.  Go hug a tree, get grounded and be happy!

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