Caring for Carers

Stress less solutions for Carers

Caring for Carers has been developed to bring together simple, easy and usable stress reduction techniques that caregivers may not have considered which may help support them in their caregiver role.

My name is Tracy Stoves, mum to a special needs young man who lives in supported accommodation.  The years caring for him were difficult and complex.  To help me manage my stress, I decided to learn a lot about how stress works in the body, and how I can help myself to manage this naturally and simply.

I have dabbled in many modalities and wanted to create a site that brings together information I have found than could help someone in a caring role manage levels of stress, worry, anxiety, depression and guilt, which are often very high for carers.

As an information site, it allows you to read about these modalities, and then give links to go offsite to the relevant (expert) people who can help further.

I am in gratitude for all the wonderful help I have received from people around the world who have let me use their expertise on this website.

I hope you find this site informative, but most importantly, useful.

How to Use this Website


Stress is an incredibly complex and immediate whole-body response to a perceived or real threat – the body doesn’t differentiate between what is real or imagined.

The stress mechanism or the emergency response process, in its infinite wisdom, is designed to get our body ready to defend itself, by fight, flight or freeze.

Learn more about how stress affects us, then, through the rest of the website, learn ways we can help manage and reduce it.


Using our own fingers and holding acupressure points, we can help to reduce our stress.

Acupressure symbol for Caring for Carers

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Using our own finger tips and accessing our meridians, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful way to manage our anxious feelings.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) symbol for Caring for Carers

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine focuses on bringing balancing to the energetic fields of our body.

Through the Daily Energy Routine, we can discover a way to strengthen and balance our energies.

Through grounding our energies, we can feel calmer and more centered.

Learn how to calm your Triple Warmer meridian – the energy flow that governs the fight/flight response.

By holding our Neurovascular Points, we can reduce stress.

Activating our Radiant Circuits can bring more joy and vitality. Enhancing our capacity for radiance with additional energy medicine exercises adds even more opportunities to access joy.

Energy Medicine Symbol for Caring for Carers

Essential Oils

Essential oils are so chemically complex which makes them very versatile; they can support us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They can be calming and supporting, uplifting and refreshing, and grounding and supportive!

Learn what oils I love to use, carry in my purse and why here.

Essential Oils Symbol for Caring for Carers

Flower Essences

Using the power of nature through Flower Essences, many emotional (physical and spiritual) states can be addressed.

They can be used to help for grief and courage, and to ground us or uplift us and remind us of our right to experience joy.

Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) conducted a webinar on flower essences for carers.

Flower Essences Symbol_Caring for Carers


Grounding is intrinsically linked with our health.

We brush our teeth every day to keep them in optimum health.  We shower or bathe to clean our bodies and wash away the day’s activities.  We clean our house of the accumulation of dust and dirt to cleanse our environment.  But do we work as hard at keeping our energetic body in optimal running order, our energies flowing and grounded to Mother Earth?

Learn how grounding through energy medicine, essential oils and flower essences is simple and powerful to our health and wellbeing.

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Learn how homeopathy can provide emotional support.

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We cannot feel stress at the same time as we feel happy – we can’t smile and frown at the same time.

While most of Caring for Carers looks at methods we can use to reduce our stress, the Joy section looks at how we can tap into more joy in our life.

We can bring more joy by making sure our Radiant Circuits, our natural joy energy circuits, are humming along. Additional energy medicine exercises dive deeper and add more ways to bring joy into our life.

Essential oils and flower essences are other beautiful modalities that remind our body intelligence to live in joy.

Joy symbol for Caring for Carers

Thank You

It has been a labour of love and a source of joy for me to put this website together for you.

I hope you find techniques, essential oils, acupressure points, and flower essences that will sing to your soul and resonate with you to create some calm in your life.

May you find what you are looking for.

I wish you peace.

Tracy Stoves signature for Caring for Carers