Homeopathy Supports Carers

Homeopathy is a very valuable modality for supporting and caring for carers to manage emotional ups and down, stress and anxiety.

Useful for all manner of physical, emotional and mental issues, please consider homeopathy.  It adds a valuable place in any carer’s first aid kit.

I’m no expert in this field, so I have left the writing on this subject to experts who have studied long and hard as practitioners.  I’m not even going to go into what it is, because you can search sites that go into this in great depth.

What I can say is that it’s been very useful for me as a carer to have homeopathic remedies available and supportive to know I can call on them when needed, no matter what the time of the day (or night).  Because, let’s face it, if something is going to happen, it’s always outside normal doctor’s hours!

Homeopathic remedies to support caring for carers

Owen Homeopathy

Jan Owen from Owen Homeopathics has written some fact sheets that may be relevant to issues Carers face and she has kindly allowed me to include these fact sheets as part of this website.

She writes in her Emotional Ups & Downs fact sheet:

 “Homeopathy has a long history of helping people manage emotional conditions such as anxiety, despair, loss of confidence, grief, indifference, melancholy, sadness and isolation, anger and irritability.  On a physical level the expression can be through many symptoms including disturbed sleep patterns, low libido and sexual problems, eating disorders, headaches, frequent colds or digestive upset.”

I’ve taken her course for beginners in person (which was excellent, and I found very valuable) and this course is also available as a DVD.

I can also highly recommend her book Homeopathy for the Home Prescriber book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened this book!

As always, if your issues are intense or chronic, please seek expert advice.

Homeopathic Fact Sheets to Support Carers

Emotional Ups & Downs 

Stress & Worry


Sleep Disturbances

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