Managing our Fight Flight Response with Energy Medicine

The Triple Warmer Meridian and its Role in Stress

Each meridian has its own function, but the meridian most associated with stress is called Triple Warmer (also known as Triple Burner, Triple Heater and Sanjiao).

Triple Warmer meridian is our “freeze, fight” meridian. It reacts to stress to prepare us to action by either fighting or taking flight (running) away from the danger (stress).

Triple Warmer tends to be overactive because today’s society is full of many “little” stresses that we can react to constantly. Triple Warmer is on guard, preparing us for action in one form or another.

Having Triple Warmer active for much of the time creates problems by depleting our bodily resources. Triple Warmer also has the ability to pull energy out of other meridians (except the heart), because survival is the primary motive of Triple Warmer. Its job is to keep you safe, even at the sacrifice of other bodily functions.

The most vulnerable meridian to the over-action of Triple Warmer is the Spleen meridian. Spleen meridian is to do with our immune system, so the more stressed we are (the more reactive Triple Warmer is), the sicker we can become. And that makes complete sense; when we are stressed, we have a higher chance of getting sick. The two go hand in hand, because Triple Warmer (fear, flight, fight) and Spleen (immune) go hand in hand.

The adrenal glands, which are governed by Triple Warmer, are the first place that gets hit when we are stressed which we can see reflected as exhaustion and fatigue. Hormones can also go haywire, and we may experience insomnia amongst many other health issues. I’ve included an exercise to help boost adrenal health which is shown below (in the neurolymphatic section).

Triple Warmer is vital for our survival. However, we need to find ways to help Triple Warmer realise that it doesn’t need to be on high alert all the time.

Using the electro-magnetic energy of your own hands and placing them on strategic parts of the body, you can help calm Triple Warmer down, and help it communicate better with Spleen.

It is all about bringing the body into an energetic balance.

Exercises to Calm Triple Warmer

Always focus on breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Triple Warmer Smoothie

Triple Warmer meridian has a specific pathway that runs from the outside of the ring finger, along the outside of the arm, behind the top of the shoulder, up the neck, behind the ear and ends on the outside of the eyebrow. It runs on both sides of the body.

One way to help calm Triple Warmer is to take some energy out of the pathway which we can do by tracing it backwards, or in the case of this exercise, part of the pathway backwards.

Start at the temples on each side of the face (points also known as Triple Warmer Neurovascular points) and take couple of deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Trace around the back of the ears to the back of the shoulders (we hold a lot of stress here).

Hang there for a few seconds.

Finish off with slight pressure, dragging your hands off your shoulders and shaking them off.

Triple Warmer Smoothie with Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin

Balancing Triple Warmer and Spleen with Prune Harris

Balancing triple warmer and spleen with Prune Harris

Soothing Triple Warmer with Janie Chandler

Soothing Triple Warmer with Janie Chandler

Tap the Gamut Point

The Gamut Point is located between the bones of the little and ring fingers on both hands, about 2cm from the knuckles. You will find a hollow there.

This point is very good to tap for fears, phobias, anger, addictions and, for some people, hot flushes. It is also known as point number 3 on the Triple Warmer meridian.

Tap the Gamut Point when you are feeling stressed. Tapping means to take a finger of the other hand, usually the index or middle finger, and lightly tap the gamut point on the other hand. If you don’t like the sensation of tapping, consider rubbing or massaging the point.

The Fear Tap with Dondi Dahlin

Tap the Gamut Point over Your heart

Place either hand over the heart and tap the Gamut Point of that hand with the other hand.

By placing your hand over your heart, you are also placing it over the thymus gland (which is instrumental in our immune system functioning).

Sedating the Triple Warmer Meridian

Prune Harris has an excellent demonstration on how to sedate or calm the Triple Warmer meridian.

Sedating the Triple Warmer meridian with Prune Harris

Triple Warmer and Spleen Hug

Since Triple Warmer has a habit of taking energy out of Spleen, the following exercise is useful to help these two meridians communicate better together.

Wrap your right hand around your left side (above your hip) which connects you to your pancreas and spleen).

Wrap your left hand above your right arm elbow – the Triple Warmer meridian passes under this area.

Hold this position for at least three deep breaths.

Reverse your hand positions and repeat.

Stress Management: Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug with Carey Phillips


I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the amazing energy medicine practitioners for sharing their knowledge, and of course to Donna Eden, founder, who has brought this amazing body of knowledge to the world.

Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine
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Dondi Dahlin Website: Learn the Five Elements

Melanie Smith
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Prune Harris
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Janie Chandler
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