More Energy Medicine Exercises for Joy

More Energy Medicine Exercises to Activate your Radiant Circuits to Expand into More JOY!

Many of the exercises that form the Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine activate radiant circuits. This series of exercises works on multiple levels to help balance and connect our energetic systems.

There are also other very useful energy medicine exercises outside of the Daily Energy Medicine Routine, calming Triple Warmer and activating the Radiant Circuits exercises that are simple to do to bring more joy and vitality to your being, so let’s explore these below.

Bringing more joy, vitality and love into our energetic body with energy medicine exercises

Darth Vader Breath

Generally, we need to help Triple Warmer “stand down” to bring more energy to the Radiant Circuits. If Triple Warmer is standing guard, it’s not going to let anything get in the way of its duty to protect. A good exercise to do this is called the Darth Vader Breath. This breath work exercise helps Triple Warmer to move stress out of the body.

Prune Harris has written about this exercise, which she calls the Dragon Breath.

She references Esther Eckart so here is that video.

Ujjayi / Victorious Breathing in Yoga with Esther Eckart
The Dragon Breath exercise with Prune Harris

Calming Triple Warmer

See any of the exercises that can help calm Triple Warmer.

Another great exercise, that combines part of the Yang Regulator circuit, flushing Triple Warmer (taking energy out of the freeze/fright meridian) and strengthening Spleen (immune support) is an exercise called Cover the Eyes.

Cover the eyes to balance Triple Warmer and Spleen with Prune Harris

 Tracing your Meridians with Affirmations

Tracing meridians with affirmations with Prune Harris

I center myself in spirit. (Central)

I ground myself in gratitude. (Governing)

I trust the mystery of life. (Stomach)

I nourish myself with love. (Spleen)

I love myself deeply and accept myself completely. (Heart)

I know what I want. I am decisive. (Small Intestine)

I feel hopeful, vibrant and fully alive. (Bladder)

I step forward with courage. (Kidney)

I take great care of my heart and my soul. (Circulation Sex)

I honor my inner Warrior… I am safe. (Triple Warmer)

I assert myself peacefully… and release judgment easily. (Gall Bladder)

I am kind to myself. (Liver)

I breathe out grief, I breathe in inspiration. (Lung)

I let go of fear, guilt, anger, and shame… I live fully in the now. (Large Intestine)

I trust the mystery of life. (Stomach)

I center myself in spirit. (Central)

I ground myself in gratitude. (Governing)

Hook Up Alternatives

This exercise seems too simple to be as effective and powerful as it is, but it serves a multitude of uses. When we do the hook up, we are bringing together the meridians of Central and Governing. Central meridian runs up the front of the body, nourishing our organs and chakras. The Governing meridian brings energy up the spine to the brain.

These two meridians meet at the back of the throat, where they become a Radiant Circuit. Prune Harris has written an excellent article about it here.

You can see the Hook Up demonstrated as part of the Daily Energy Routine.  Here are some alternative hook ups.

Alternative Hook Ups with Prune Harris

Butt in the Air

  • Kneel on all fours on a comfortable stable ground
  • Lower your butt so it is resting on your heels
  • Bring your hands by your sides as you gently lower your head to the ground
  • If comfortable, move your body so your head is forward and lay your face to one side so your butt can go higher (imagine how you may see a baby sleep)
  • Hold this position for 2-3 minutes

It is important to feel comfortable doing this exercise so vary your body placement as needed.

Much thanks to Tara Roberts of for allowing me to share this picture of the exercise.


Dancing to the Eights

Put on some enjoyable music and dance in a figure eight pattern, moving your hips, your arms, your entire body to the pattern of the eights. This figure eight is a basic pattern that permeates our entire body, from the tiniest cell, to a figure eight spanning our entire body. Figure eights weave our energies together and activate the Radiant Circuits. Do figure eights in front and behind your body, above your head, at your sides, and down at your feet. Do big figure eights, do small figure eights. By moving and stretching as we dance, we create the space for the energy to move. Stagnant energy is the antithesis of health – energy must move and have room to move for us to have the opportunity of health and joy.

Figure 8’s for Health with Dondi Dahlin

Poi Ball Easy Instructional with Titanya Dahlin

Living in New Zealand as a child, poi balls were a part of our play; we made them with stockings filled at the end with bunched up newspaper and then knotted.  Nothing fancy in those days!

However, I’ve upgraded to some gorgeous poi balls that I purchased from Home of Poi.

Poi Ball Easy Instructional with Titanya Dahlin

Scratching your Back

If scratching your back feels enjoyable, then get someone to scratch your back. This calms and sedates your nervous system and turns on the Radiant Circuits.

Tapping in the Joy

This simple and quick exercise can help reprogram your nervous system to be more joyful.

When you experience a joyous state, or even remember a joyous state, take the middle finger of either hand and tap the point between your eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose (the 3rd eye) for 10 – 12 seconds. You are “tapping in” the joy to your system.

Tap in the Joy with Dondi Dahlin

Nine Hearts Exercise

This exercise connects all the Radiant Circuits and gets them flowing. In its simplicity, it’s about tracing a series of hearts over your body, three over the face area, three over the trunk area, and three over the leg area. I have seen variations of this exercise. Another exercise is called the 12 Hearts Exercise, where a further 3 hearts are drawn around the entire body, starting at the chest centre, extending above the head, the down to the feet before coming back to the chest area to start another heart trace.

Nine Heart exercise with Prune Harris

Heaven Rushing In

It’s best to try and do this exercise in nature – you get the added benefit of standing on the earth (if you are bare footed) adding grounding to the mix, but if you can’t do that, use your imagination.  This exercise is about finding a spiritual connection to universal energy and bringing that energy into our own body.

Heaven Rushing In with Donna Eden

Radiant Hearts for More Joy and Love

There are some shapes in energy medicine that hold power and symbolism to your energy body, and one of them is the heart shape (and the infinity sign, also known as the figure 8).

Tracing hearts over your body activates the radiant circuits.

The figure eight and the heart symbol are powerful for energetic health
Radiant Hearts for More Joy and Love with Donna Eden, Dondi Dahlin, and Titanya Dahlin

 Feel the Love Routine

Feel the Love – Energy Medicine for Healthy Living Routine with Dr. Melanie

Joy Activator with Dr Melanie Smith

Using Spleen radiance and Central Vessel 17 (CV17), this hold is a simple exercise to help bring more joy and hope into your being.

Joy Activator – Energy Medicine Quick Tip with Dr. Melanie


I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the amazing energy medicine practitioners for sharing their knowledge, and of course to Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, who, along with her husband, Dr David Feinstein, has brought this amazing body of knowledge to the world.

Donna Eden

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Article by Donna Eden and David Feinstein
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